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Hebei Ansheng Safety Tools Co., LTD



Hebei Ansheng Safety Tools Co., LTD is located in Botou City, Hebei , China and  founded in 1996 . We specialized in            producing non sparking tools .


Our products are all strictly controlled at every step during designing, producing, packing and quality controlling process. we believe that the quality tools refer to the usability,          efficiency and performance.




Lifetime warranty

Asnospark tools are backed by a lifetime warranty .

If our tools  breaks or fail to perform under normal service ,        it will be repaired or replaced without charge .Normal service    wear , or breakage due to abuse or misuse , is not covered by     the warranty 



                        Non Sparking Tools Professional Manufacturer 




The best price, which will not  

higher  than other buyer in        your nation.



  Professional team, good quality.


   OEM and ODM is welcomed


     Perfect after sales service.




Hebei Ansheng Safety Tools Co., LTD